Google AdSense Account Approval Process- 2020


Update: This article has been updated in February 2020 with the new Adsense account approval process.

Adsense is one of the best advertising networks. Until now, the Adsense approval process was simple: You Create a new account in Adsense, your account is reviewed by the Adsense team, Adsense team accepts your application, and then you can add ads on your site and then start making money.

From now, The Adsense has Changed the Adsense approval process and made it easy for new publishers.

Here is the new account approval process:

1-Make Sure your website is ready for the Adsense
2-Sign up for an Adsense Account

  • Click on Get Started


  • Paste Your Website Link Here


  • Enter Your Email Address


  • Select on Yes, send me customized help and performance suggestions and then click Save and Continue


  • and then Fill the details


  • And then the Last Step Submit it

3-Login to your Adsense Account
4-Copy The Adsense Code and paste in to the <head> </head> section of your website
5-Wait for 1 week for approval of your site by the Adsense team

When Your account is approved by the Adsense team then you will receive a message from the Adsense team. Some Time it would take 24 hours to review your application. Once Your Application is approved, it would start showing ads on your blog and then you will start making money from your website.

Here is the Process for Adsense Approval:

1-Register for an Adsense account by visiting Provide all the correct information.
2-Login to Adsense Account, Copy Adsense code, and place the codes in your website Header Section.
3-It may take up to 2 weeks for approval, some times it should take 24 hours for approval.
4-After the Adsense approval, you will get a confirmation email.
5-Once your Adsense earning reaches $10, Adsense will mail you a pin to your address.
6-Login to your Adsense account, and then enter the pin you will receive from Adsense Team.
7-Congratulations you have completed all the steps of the Adsense Approval process.
8-Once your account reaches $100, Google Will Send you a payment.


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